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August 30, 2016 by admin with 0 comments

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Enterprise – Download

Work smarter, anywhere Get enterprise email and increase productivity, while keeping your organization safe. * Enjoy bigger and more reliable mailboxes * Do more, on any device * Protect sensitive data Features Smarter inbox Exchange 2016 helps you get more done through faster search and an inbox that is more personalized, more helpful, and more intelligent. Simplified architecture A simplified architecture, originally forged in the cloud, combines the mailbox and client access roles, so it’s easier to plan and scale your deployments. Streamlined coexistence with Exchange 2013 means easier upgrading. Security and compliance Data loss prevention (DLP) in Exchange Server 2016 includes more in-the-box sensitive information types. And enhanced auditing enables better reporting and easier integration with third-party tools. Better collaboration With its new approach to attachments that eliminates versioning headaches, plus other enhancements, Exchange Server 2016 makes working together on documents easier. Mobile productivity Exchange Server 2016 powers the latest Outlook experiences on phones, tablets, desktops, and the web so you can get more done, wherever you are. System Requirements Coexistence: Exchange 2010: All Exchange 2010 role servers including Edge Transport should be SP3 RU11 or above. Exchange 2013: All Exchange 2013 role servers including Edge Transport should be CU10 or above. No Exchange 2007 should be there in the environment. Forest Requirement: Forest Functional Level should be windows 2008 or above Domain Requirement: Domain Functional Level should be windows 2008 or above All domain controllers should be windows 2008 or above All Active Directory Site should have at least one Windows 2008 Domain Controller with Global Catalog. 64 bit Domain controller are recommended. Operating System Requirement: Windows 2012 Standard or above but windows 2012 R2 is recommended because IPLess DAG is not possible in Windows 2012 which is the default configuration. IPv6 should be enabled with IPv4. Don’t disable any IP version. Disk Format: 64Kcluster block size. System and Exchange Binary partition should be NTFS. Raid 1 is recommended. Database, Logs and content indexing partition should be ReFS. Recommended a Jbod setup with AutorReseed in case of 2 or more mailbox servers. Paging File: The page file size minimum and maximum must be set to physical RAM plus 10 MB. At the same time, we can go up to a maximum size of 32778MB when physical memory is 32GB. Memory: Mailbox Role: Minimum 8GB Edge Transport Role: Minimum 4GB Processor: x64 architecture-based computer with Intel processor that supports Intel 64 architecture (formerly known as Intel EM64T) is the best supported processor. AMD processor that supports the AMD64 platform is supported As always Intel Itanium IA64 processors are not supported Supported Clients: Outlook 2016 Outlook 2013 Outlook 2010 with KB2965295 Outlook for Mac for Office 365 Outlook for Mac 2011 .Net Framework: It is always recommended to install latest .net Framework which is 4.5.2 at this moment. Management Tools: Management tools can be installed on a windows 8.1 or higher client. Management tools just require .Net Framework 4.5.2

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