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A confidential treatment of the personal data of our users is very important to us. In this privacy policy we explain which data we collect, process and store when you use our websites and the services offered therein.

This website is the property of Alwayonline.com (hereinafter referred to as “Alwayonline”).

On request, Alwayonline will inform you in writing about any personal data relating to your person that has been saved by alwayonline. Your legal rights to amend, block or delete this data will be upheld. You may at any time withdraw consent for your personal data being saved with future effect without incurring any additional costs other than those incurred by sending us this withdrawal of consent. Notification in written form sent to contact@alwayonline.com or the postal address mentioned above is sufficient to effect this withdrawal of consent.

Any further questions regarding your personal data or this privacy policy can be addressed by writing to contact@alwayonline.com.

When you visit Alwayonline.com websites, no personal data is collected or used except in the cases outlined below. By using our websites, you confirm that you are of legal age and capacity to contract.

Alwayonline.com collects personal data when you submit a user review or rating for a product, service or retailer (hereinafter also referred to as “online shop”). In such a case, alwayonline.com collects the data entered on the review form, as well as your IP address (as far as this is considered personal data). Data is published on the websites only if it is entered in form fields marked for this purpose. When an online shop review is entered, the customer or order number will be shared with the online shop. If you do not wish the online shop to receive this information, then you cannot submit an online shop review.

Buying Function
Alwayonline.com also collects personal data when you, as a customer, submit a purchasing contract for certain products or services listed on our websites without being redirected to the websites of the online shop (so-called buying function). This data is collected to initiate and process the contract and to create an invoice for the product or service rendered on behalf of the online shop in question. Alwayonline.com then sends this personal data to the respective shop, insofar as this is required to initiate and process the purchasing contract. If alwayonline.com and/or the online shop makes use of a third party for the purpose of processing or concluding this contract (e.g. for shipping purposes or payment handling), only the personal data that is required to process and complete the order shall be passed on to the third party.

Forms, Comparison Services and Payment for the Buying Function
In parts of its travel comparison sites and its payment services, alwayonline.com includes original content from its price comparison partners. In such cases, data may be collected not by alwayonline.com, but by the relevant partner who will be mentioned on the respective alwayonline.com websites. These partners have agreed with alwayonline.com to use your data only in a manner that conforms to alwayonline.com privacy policy. alwayonline, however, has no influence on the way these partners collect, process and use your data. For more information about how these partners collect your personal data and for what purposes, please read the privacy policy of the relevant partner. These can be accessed via the relevant alwayonline.com websites and the content provided by the partner.

Unless otherwise stated, alwayonline.com itself collects data you enter into contact forms. alwayonline.com makes it clear that under certain circumstances, data is transferred over an unsecured Internet connection and could be accessed or corrupted by unauthorised third parties. Please be aware that any information you make public (e.g. in forums or as comments), could be collected and used by others. The contents of any contributions you make (in particular your comments and forum contributions) remain accessible even if they are anonymous or pseudonymous as a result of the removal of the user name.

Alwayonline.com Log-In
The alwayonline.com Log-In provides you with a centralised location where you can access all of alwayonline.com services. Registration for alwayonline.com Log-In always requires you to enter a valid email address and password. Should you use your alwayonline.com Log-In profile to access other services provided, these may require you to enter additional personal information before they can be made available to you. In such cases, you will be informed of this requirement prior to accessing the service.

Price Alert, Newsletter and alwayonline.com Bargains Mail (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Mailings”)
Our Mailings inform you regularly via email about the current price trends and interesting offers from alwayonline.com product and service comparison. Registration is voluntary. By registering, you agree to the processing of the data you entered for the purpose of receiving emails. In addition, you permit alwayonline.com to collect and process data about your usage patterns (i.e., the opening and clicking of links in the email) for the purpose of optimising the contents and offers in the Mailings according to your needs. For example, if you click links on the subject x several times, but not on the subject y, then in future Newsletters you will receive more links on the subject x. You can withdraw permission at any time without explanation effective thereafter by sending an email to info@alwayonline.com.

User Surveys
By entering your email address within the scope of the services mentioned above, you permit alwayonline.com to request that you rate our services and take part in market research and opinion surveys. All survey results will be anonymous and will be processed and used solely by alwayonline.com. You can withdraw consent for this use of data at any time, as detailed at the start of this privacy policy.

Cookies and IP Addresses (without personal references)
To ensure the complete functionality of the websites, idealo or third parties listed below save cookies on the customer’s device. The online shops that are listed with idealo may also use cookies once you have accessed their websites. More information can be found on the respective shops’ websites.

A cookie is a small text file that collects information about the use of a website. These cookies do not contain any personal data, cannot be identified as any specific person, and as long as not otherwise stated, are automatically deleted within two years. This data is not merged with any other data sources.

It is also possible to use the websites without cookies. You can disable or restrict cookies to certain websites via your web browser’s security settings or set the browser to inform you as soon as a cookie is sent. You can also delete cookies from the hard disk of your device at any time via your browser. alwayonline.com will subsequently inform you of individual cases where cookies are used. Each third party will include a link enabling you to block the use of cookies (Opt Out). However, such an opt out will no longer remain valid once you have deleted the cookies saved on your device. Every device requires a unique address in order to enable the transmission of data via the Internet – referred to as the IP address. The workings of the Internet therefore ensure that each IP address must be saved for a short period of time. No individual can be recognised from a full IP address without disclosure from the service provider and such disclosure is only permitted under particular circumstances as determined by a court of law. alwayonline.com will inform you in unique cases where IP addresses are to be processed further.

In order to satisfy the legal requirement for documentation of your consent to receiving emails from us, alwayonline.com saves the IP address used when you register for our services.

Cookies used by alwayonline.com can collect information about browser type and version, screen resolution, current and former display type, URL clickstream (the order of alwayonline.com sites recently visited), time spent on the websites, the reference in our database to the products/offers in your Favourites List and the cookie number. Personal information referring to names, addresses or email addresses will not be collected. The cookies from alwayonline.com will be recorded for a maximum of two years, and only 70 days for the reference to Favourites, provided that you don’t delete the cookies prior to this. Products that you have recently viewed on alwayonline.com are displayed under the tab ‘Recently viewed’ provided that your browser supports the storage of information on your device (so-called Browser Local Storage) and JavaScript is activated. You can empty this list at any time by deleting the history in your browser.

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